Water once every 2-3 weeks.

Grow herbs, greens, root crops and fruiting crops year round.

Portable. Affordable.




Self watering planters are also known as wicking beds. They are soil based planters that have a water resevoir built beneath the soil that only needs to be filled every 2-3 weeks. Self watering planters work because of ‘capillary action’ – water saturates the bottom layers of soil and works it way up towards the plant roots (just like a sponge will wick up water left on a countertop – from the bottom up).


Wicking beds are often used alongside aquaponic systems to grow root crops, but you don’t need an aquaponics system to have a self watering wicking bed.




(1) Low maintenance – fill the reservoir once every 2-3 weeks (no need to water your plants every day).


(2) Better plant growth – plants prefer to be watered from the bottom up and will grow better.


(3) Water conservation.


(4) Portable; heavy duty castor wheels are installed on the bottom of each garden bed. Move your system indoors during the winter months for on going food production.


(5) Adjustable light racking system for full spectrum lights; full spectrum lights will allow you to grow year round.


(6) Aesthetics – brass and stainless steel fittings.


(7) Ability to grow  year round.




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Our custom built wicking beds start at $350.