We incorporate LIFESPACE GARDENS’ patented self watering components into all of our self watering garden planters.

Easier Growing
Water Conservation
Low Maintenance
Drought Proof
Vacation Safe

Our self watering planters will grow herbs, leafy greens, root crops and fruiting crops. They can be used outdoors and inside for year round growing. Water once every 2-4 weeks.

Prices start at $350. Contact us with your requirements.






Self watering gardens are soil based gardens that have a water reservoir built below the soil. A food grade membrane seperates the soil from the water reservoir and has ‘wells’ that drop down into the water reservoir; they allow water to wick up naturally and consistently into the soil.

This creates an ideal environment for your vegetables to thrive – plants prefer to be watered from the bottom up. Furthermore, sub-irrigation saves time, conserves water and avoids messy top watering.

Growing your plants in a self watering garden is easy; pour water into the water reservoir via the standpipe and stop filling once water begins to flow out of the drain line. Refill the reservoir once every 2-4 weeks – this means you can go away for a few weeks without worrying about properly watering your vegetables.

Move your planter indoors during the winter for year round growing (we can adapt your planter for year round growing by installing full spectrum lighting and a light rack).

SEA TO SKY AQUAPONICS can also convert your existing raised planter beds into self watering gardens.