Sea to Sky Aquaponics has created urban agriculture programs to suit K-12 and pre-kindergarten that meet curricular outcomes in multiple subject areas. Each program includes a food production system that provides students with a hands on application of the science subjects – biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

In addition, students learn about the importance of sustainable food production and about how to grow their own food.

We also provide workshops, presentations and consultations to guide teachers and students towards their urban agriculture intiatives.

Whether you are interested in aquaponics, micro greens, living walls or self watering gardens – we can get you started!

Learning Opportunity #1 – Micro Greens

– Suitable for K-12

– Low Cost
– Minimal Maintenance
– Fast Growing
– Nutrient and flavour rich

Our micro green curriculum is the easiest and fastest way to get students thinking about food production and about how plants grow.

Micro greens are extremely nutrient dense, rich in flavour and grow in as little as 7days. Students will observe the first stages of plant growth. Maintenance is as little as 30 seconds per day. Within one week they’ll be able to reap the benefits of their work with a fresh harvest.

Sea to Sky Aquaponics will provide you with everything you need to grow micro greens for an entire year. We will provide you with a hand made, artisan quality grow box and full spectrum growlight. Our micro green partner, Harvest Micro Greens, will provide a grow tray, tray inserts, seeds, soil and instructional video.

For the same cost as a Tower Garden, (and less maintenance + faster results), you can provide every classroom in your school with a microgreen growing kit; this means more student interaction and observation with the food they are growing. You’ll also have a system that incorporates beautiful aesthetics.

Our micro green grow boxes are constructed with artisan quality baltic birch and are modular so you can stack one unit on top of the other. This means that you can experiment with different growing conditions simultaneously and compare your results. 

Our grow boxes are also designed to grow herbs and seedlings for your garden.

$195 per kit (includes enough seed and soil for twenty five weeks worth of growth).