We Build Educational Systems for Schools.

(1) Aquaponics is a hands on application of the biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics curriculum. A prime example of this is the nitrification cycle; one of natures most important ecological processes.

(2) Observation, analysis and problem solving are all part of ensuring that an aquaponics system functions properly; an educational aquaponics system provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real life, critical thinking situation.

(3) Aquaponics provides an opportunity to educate children about alternatives to the industrialized food system. This is vital for laying a positive foundation for the way future generation’s food is consumed and produced.

(4) Aquaponics gives students an opportunity to learn how to grow their own food in a fun and engaging way!

” The aquaponics lab is an authentic, hands on way to introduce so much learning. The system presents real life problem solving on a daily basis. Students have had to solve problems such as how to grow plants more efficiently, how to monitor and adjust pH and whether or not there  are enough fish to provide nutrients for the plants. Right now students are researching and designing their own systems which they are really engaged in. Also – it teaches students about sustainability for the future. The best way I can sum up the beauty of owning a system is with one of the student’s comments, “ this is real science”.”

— Susan Allen . Don Ross Middle School (Brackendale, BC)

While DIY systems can be fun to build, there are numerous design subtleties to an aquaponics system that a professionally built system incorporates. The result is an aquaponics system that runs more efficiently, grows more food, last longers and doesn’t flood!  SEA TO SKY AQUAPONICS will remove the guesswork and frustration that comes with DIY systems. Educational systems can also grow food to supplement your school cafeteria or local food bank.

If your goal is to get students thinking about sustainability and to start educating them with the many science based applications that an aquaponics system provides — as quickly as possible — then please give us a shout!

A Sea to Sky Aquaponics’ system is:
(1) Custom designed to fit your size requirements + budget.
(2) Aesthetically pleasing; results in increased student engagement. (3) Professional; applies the subtle design principles of commercial systems.

A Sea to Sky Aquaponics’ system will  give students get a head start on how to properly design their own system!

A Sea to Sky Aquaponics’ educational program includes:
— A custom aquaponics system.
— A comprehensive instruction and learning manual.
— Ongoing customer support whenever it is needed. We do not leave you to your own devices.

SEA TO SKY AQUAPONICS has been working with schools for over a year now. In 2016 we entered into a partnership with BC Agriculture in the Classroom (a non-profit funded by the BC provincial government) to run a pilot project. It is hoped that this will lead to an expansion of our aquaponics program for schools!

If you are interested in an educational aquaponics system please let us know and we will send you a detailed informational PDF package!